La visión de ZIONIC INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF WORSHIP & DANCE es el de expandir el Reino de Dios en la Tierra, que los diseños y estrategias celestiales sean establecidas entre y por los hijos de Dios y así, intensificar el avivamiento en nuestras ciudades y naciones, restaurando las artes; entrenando Ministros por medio de la practica y que estén dispuestos a utilizar sus dones y sus talentos como herramientas para la evangelización, la alabanza y adoración de nuestro Señor Jesucristo para desarrollar un impacto espiritual mayor en sus Congregaciones, conectando los Ministros de intercesión, adoración y danza en UNO SOLO, para que así el peso de Gloria de Dios sea manifiesto.


ZIONIC FITNESS..What is the New Zionic Fitness you ask? It is a NEW structured and EXCITING way to get yourfitness on!!! By creating a workout atmosphere that exercise your mind, body and soul you get FIT and learn rythm and Dance at the same time.


Master Dance Instructor and Fitness Extrodiar “Zion”the creator of Zionic Fitness has helpedpeople around the world lose weight and get ins...hape with his revolutionary program thatincorporates cardio with strength training andbreathing techniques to give you a complete workout.


Zion started this program while traveling the world on mission helping save and transforming lives nation wide he wanted to do more and that required more money so he created these classes to help fund all of his trips to other countries and a young age Pastor Tavorris Zion Green is well known helping restoring families and sending monies monthly to feed and cloth the needy.Zion also have very popular classes such as Zionic Hiphop,Salsa,and African Dance to name a few, A new class that he is offering is called Zionic treading which is a 30 minuteworkout on the treadmill that burns fat and builds muscleat the same time.




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